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My name is Roxy. I started my makeup adventure at Silesian Medical University in Katowice. I have a Master’s Degree in Biology from the Pedagogical University of Krakow. My unceasing desire to create art has aroused my love and passion for makeup.

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A little about me

I tailor the makeup based on the occasion, personality and expectations.
I always pay attention to the details.

I am a Cosmetologist with an Artistic Soul 💄

Being a graduate of the School of Makeup and Styling in Krakow, I'm crazy about my profession, always staying informed about the latest makeup and cosmetics trends. I have published many articles about health, skin and beauty care. In my work, I often make reference to alternative medicine. While applying makeup, I utilize all of the knowledge, creativity, and experience that I've accumulated during many photoshoots, fashion shows and events over the years.


My cooperating partners include fashion brands such as Repablo, Materialistka, Joanna Wietrzycka, Mariola Wróbel, Proudly Designed, Atagata/Agata Mickiewicz, BoBear Piotr Pyrchała, Motive&More, Bruno Novi, No.Excuse Sportswear, Vislanky.

You can see my projects in magazines like Make-up Trendy, E-makeupownia, Elegant Magazine, OFFSET Magazyn, Dark Beauty Magazine and Extravagant Magazine.

At the moment 💅

Makeups for movies, music videos, photoshoots including Promees Lingerie, Flint, Bytom S.A., Arlekin - Biżuteria z Duszą, Unique Agency, Maciołek & Wspólnicy, DJane Mirjami/Mirjam Ochman, Rahim Blak, Kamil Niziński, Dominik Olechowski, Agnieszka Latała, Project Success-Konferencje dla Biznesu: Mateusz Grzesiak, Bartosz Ostałowski, Maciej Kurzajewski, Otylia Jędrzejczak.


What can I help you with?


Beauty Chat and Trial Makeup

Bridal makeup is preceded by a makeup suitability session.

During this time, we discuss the whole concept of makeup for your wedding. The beauty chat is to avoid unnecessary stress on your big day.

We also use this time to ensure that the selected cosmetics do not cause any allergic reactions.

Book now from EUR 50,00

Bridal Makeup

It's a combined makeup that has elements of every day, evening and photoshoot makeup. The most important thing is to prepare the skin care for makeup application, just to be sure that it will look amazing all day and all night, no matter how long you will spend on the dance floor or how many kisses you will get from your aunties.

The bridal makeup should fit the beauty and the personality of the bride, including the dress and accessories. The makeup must ensure that you look amazing not only during the wedding itself, but also while taking those cherished wedding photos. You will look wonderful in both artificial and natural light.

Book now from EUR 50,00

Everyday Makeup

It's a gentle makeup, but covers all of the defects.

Bright and natural colors like brown, beige and gray are used.

Strong face contouring and strong lips are avoided, leaving a fresh and subtle look.

Book now from EUR 50,00

Groom Makeup

This makeup doesn't have colors, shadows or lipstick.

A light correction makeup will hide defects such as dark circles, spots or discoloration. It settles skin tone and protects from face shining.

The thing that matters is that the skin looks fresh and nice in the wedding photos. It will also minimize the difference between the face skin tone and the body skin tone of the bride.

Book now from EUR 30,00

Evening Makeup

This is a makeup for special events like proms, banquets or New Year's Eve parties.

Strong touches on the eyes and enhanced facial features are the main priorities.

Sexy and chic "smoky eyes" emphasize the look. To achieve the long lash effect, fake eyelashes will be applied.

Book now from EUR 50,00

Photoshoot Makeup

Makeup for Photoshoot Preparation

Photo makeup should be stronger than usual. It's necessary to include the type of light, which has an effect on the loss of the color in the spotlight.

This makeup contains high concealing makeup. Besides, it must be perfectly applied because even small things could be visible in the pictures.

Book now from EUR 50,00

Business Makeup

This is a kind of everyday makeup, discreet but elegant.

It's light and fresh, fits beauty type and occasions such as interviews, public speech, résumé photo, work dress code.

Build your personal image as a confident, determined and professional person.

Book now from EUR 50,00

Individual Makeup Lessons

Ladies who want to improve their makeup skills and learn how to apply it perfectly from scratch are invited to individual makeup lessons.

Example topics include:

• Suitable selection of care and colorful cosmetics (cosmetic bag inspection, shared shopping)
• Every day and evening makeup training
• Contouring the face
• Correcting imperfections of the skin (acne, redness, dark eyes)

The subject area does adjust individually.

Book now from EUR 100,00

The Rulebook of a Future Bride

Before we start, please gather information about how to proceed during makeup preps on your big day.

Beauty Chat and Trial Makeup

Trial makeup is the time when we need to discuss the makeup concept. We're checking what is comfortable for you and applying optional fixes. To avoid unnecessary stress on your big day, it's better to determine all the details before. We also use this time to ensure that the selected cosmetics do not cause any allergic reactions.

Hair First, Then Makeup

Hair wash, hair dryer, and hairspray may affect the durability of the makeup. If this order for hair and makeup is not possible, please be extra careful during hair styling.

Groom Makeup

There are no colorful cosmetics and lips applying during groom makeup session. A light, corrective makeup hides imperfections like skin discoloration, irritations after shaving, dark eyes and spots. The thing that matters is that the skin looks fresh and nice in the wedding photos. It will also minimize the difference between facial skin tone and the body skin tone of the groom.


Skin Care

The best way to have a beautiful complexion is doing a periodic skin care. It's a key to success which allows you to enjoy an amazing look on the big day. Remember that the final effect depends on skin condition. If you have a skin complexion that is prone to impurities, please consult a dermatologist or cosmetologist a few months before.



The day before your big day, peel your skin to remove a lot of dead skin. This is to make your skin softer and make your makeup look much better. After the procedure, apply a face mask to moisturize the skin. Please do not experiment with skin care cosmetics a few days before the big day. It may cause irritations or even an allergy!


Henna and Eyebrow Shaping

The shape and color of your eyebrows really matter. You can shape your eyebrows as soon as one week before the wedding. The color must perfectly fit your beauty type, hair color, and it should not be too dark!


Mustache Waxing

Many women, especially who have brown hair struggle with a hairy upper lip. If you have a problem like this, you should consider the best method for you- laser depilation or traditional waxing, a long time before the wedding. You will avoid unpleasant surprises such as skin irritations.


Pocket Makeup Bag

What's worth it to take with you? You should take lipstick, face powder and matting papers.

Relax and Sleep Well

Sleep it off! Sleepless night causes dark and tired eyes. Make sure you have enough sleep - about 6-8 hours per day. If you're afraid you won't fall asleep, drink an infusion of lemon balm. Please, don't stress yourself with trivial things. Take a long, hot bath, relax, listen to your favorite music or just chat with your best friend. Then, get up and enjoy your big day!



After tanning, the foundation that we've matched during our trial makeup session could not work out on your big day. The skin will be warm, dried and red. It could be oily as well. So if you'd like to have a tanned skin, think about it much earlier. Get a sunbath or go to a tanning salon not later than one week before the wedding. That way, the makeup will be perfect much longer during the event.


Watery eyes

People who have sensitive and watery eyes must care about their properly moisturizing. For this purpose, apply eye drops i.e. those ones with the hyaluronic acid, without any preservatives as well. Tears in the corners of the eyes won't be a problem anymore.



On your big day, for your comfort, I will drive to the place of wedding preps very early. Because we're on a tight schedule, please be ready on time. You're responsible for planning this day before, to be sure that each person who wants a makeup will have a free slot in the schedule. Keep in mind things like traffic, a road to the hairdresser, time to get dressed and the other activities. In the event of 15 minutes and more delay, I have the right to refuse service.

  • I was the lucky one ☺️ Thank You so much for the perfect wedding make-up, I could not be happier!!! ☀️💕🌸 And done by such a lovely person 😉 it was pure pleasure. ☺️❤️

    — Zane Liepina - the bride —
  • Nice and punctual, she knows how it works. Cooperation with Roxy is a great pleasure. She's my favorite. I'd recommend her!

    — Foly Sasha - A photographer —
  • I hope I will have a chance to cooperate with this wonderful person! I would really, really recommend her! Good job!

    — DJane Mirjami —
  • She's not only the best makeup artist ever, but also a great friend!!! 🌞🎶 Thanks to Roxy you look gorgeous on your big day, plus you have fun during the wedding preparations 💛❤️🧡💋 I was in good hands 😁 I'm glad I had this pleasure to meet Makowska Beauty Artist 💄💋💣

    — Magdalena Gasińska - the bride —
  • Roxy is a very talented makeup artist. Great professionalism and perfect cooperation during the photoshoots! I would really recommend her!

    — Bartosz Głowacki - A photographer and the owner of Studio Poza Kadrem —
  • Roxy is a very creative and organized person who runs her business with a passion and a professionalism. Great artist, perfect chatter. Guarantee of the best cooperation and satisfaction with the results.

    — Misha Czumaczenko - A model —
  • I love Roxy! She's a wonderful girl! She matches makeup very well. I'm 100% happy that we can work together!

    — Marlena Faerber - A photographer —
  • I would really thank you for that beautiful makeup. It remained throughout the entire night without any fixes. Everyone complimented me on this makeup. All the best!

    — Kinga Bogacka – the bride —
  • Thank you for this beautiful bridal makeup. It remained till the end of the party and survived a lot of physical contacts 😉 My mom and sister were satisfied as well. In addition, Roxy is not only a professional, but she's very nice and cute as well, which helps very much on the stressful big day! I would really recommend her! Cheers! Xx

    — Monika Rudlicka - the bride —
  • Roksana is a great and talented girl with a huge sense of humor. She sends positive vibes and energy, that motivate to action!

    — Marcin Knapik - A model —
  • Experienced makeup artist. She uses cosmetics only for pros. She's really passionate about her job. Her makeups are beautiful and long-lasting. I'm glad I can work with her. Strong recommendation!

    — Proudly Designed - A designer —


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